About Us

Convergence e-Business Solutions Pty Ltd is an independent group of ICT experts focusing on the development of ICT based solutions for business and government.

The company’s three principals are based in NSW and QLD, and work with long time trusted associates across all states and territories of Australia and with international partners particularly in the Asia Pacific region.

The company and its principals have conducted extensive ICT assignments across all three tiers of government as well as in the financial services, health, mining, retail, transport and media industries.

A short profile of the company’s principals and directors is provided below:

David Jonas (Director)

David is regarded as one of the most senior and experienced e-services and ICT experts in Australia.

The formative years of David’s career were spent in senior financial and general management roles. He then held the positions of CIO/CTO for a major multinational group of companies for 7 years.

David founded and built Australia’s largest privately held e-services consulting firm (ETC) during the 1990s. This company was acquired by a leading listed ICT security group in 2000.

He led the projects to develop the original e-government strategies across all jurisdictions and many corporates and industry sectors in Australia. He has remained a key adviser to these clients for over 15 years leading over 400 projects during this time.

Over the past ten years, David has specialised in the areas of Authentication, Privacy, and Identity Management. He led many of the major public sector Authentication and Identity Management framework projects in Australia.

He chaired the Australian Government’s Expert Panel on the National Authentication Framework and served on the Government’s IT Expert Advisory Group.

More recently, David has also been instrumental in the development of leading technology for the automated detection of irregularities in health insurance claims.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Accountancy, Higher Diploma in Business Information Systems

Tom Cordingley (Principal Consultant)

Tom has been a computer engineer since well before the acronym ‘ICT’ went into use.

Starting in the late 1980s, he built systems that automated the development and optimisation of detailed maintenance schedules for entire industrial plants, and other commercial equipment. His software was deployed and marketed by organisations including BHP, Siemens, and American Airlines.

Through the 1990s, Tom continued developing IT products and services for large industry and infrastructure providers, including mining, power, and telecommunications companies.

Since 2000, Tom has specialised in the development and maintenance of highly cost effective, remote monitored and administered Information and Communication Technology. 

Tom led all technical and operational aspects of Convergence’s pioneering project with the Local Government Association of the Northern Territory (LGANT), which for the first time built a fully serviced, fully monitored, IT environment for over 60 remote councils, using almost exclusively cost effective retail networking infrastructure. 

Technology and procedures developed in the highly successful LGANT project were then re-used to develop similar services for  number of other organisations with remote site ICT maintenance requirements, and led to the development of this area as a special focus area of Convergence, which Tom continues to lead.

Today, further development in infrastructure technologies including cloud computing and the NBN make this approach even more effective and cost efficient, and Tom and his team continue to develop customised solutions with applications in particular in remote services (like government or health), mining, and tourism.

Tom is also pioneering the extension of the remote services approach into broadcasting. As director and technical lead of Larrakia TV, he is developing and testing highly cost effective solutions to digital broadcasting in remote areas

Qualifications: Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Engineering

Dr Andreas Furche (Director)

Andreas has a track record of building and developing ICT based businesses, with a particular focus on ‘Financial IT’, the development of technology related to financial transactions.

His involvement in Internet commerce started in his student days before the Internet was commercially used, when in the early 1990s he implemented the first semi-commercial, pay for use, ‘Internet’ based service for universities in Germany. He built the first interactive ‘Internet casino’ application in 1994, as part of the test run of the first Internet currency, DigiCash’s eCash system.

Andreas ended up joining DigiCash, eventually as Managing Director of DigiCash (Asia/Pacific), and Vice President of DigiCash (USA), during the phase when the company was one of the earliest ‘Internet start-ups’, supplying electronic payment technology to global banks, including Deutsche Bank, Citibank, UBS, and Advance Bank (later St George) – though this business model ultimately did not prove successful.

Since Andreas joined ETC as partner and director (financial services sector) of that company in 1998, he has been extensively involved in electronic business consulting for both industry and government in Australia, when he joined ETC, which was taken over by ASX listed company Securenet in 2000.

Andreas has remained involved in Convergence consulting work since 2002, when he co-founded Convergence with Alistair Muir, and was later joined by David Jonas. He materially developed the remote managed solutions approach pioneered by LGANT. This project successfully ran from 2002 until the amalgamation of councils in the NT in 2008, and formed the basis for Convergence’s remote managed services offering. 

In the financial IT space, Andreas joined the Capital Markets CRC in 2003, tasked with the technology strategy, and commercialisation of technology to be developed by the research centre. He developed and implemented the commercialisation structure for the CMCRC, founding its commercialisation vehicle Capital Markets Technologies, which he operated as CEO for several years. In this capacity, he founded a number of start-up ventures, all incubated and majority owned by CMCRC. 

His preference for ASP style businesses led him to found CMSS, which offered a market surveillance product for banks and stockbroking firms, to automatically monitor their trading on stock market. This product was based on technology developed by SMARTS which, originating from university research and being a partner in the CRC, had developed a platform product to monitor trading for stock exchanges. As CEO of CMSS, Andreas led the growth of this business into a market leader, while SMARTS was developing an equally strong position. With the merger of the two organisations in 2008, Andreas took over as CEO of the group, overseeing further strong growth which eventually led to the company being named Australian IT exporter of the year. In 2010, SMARTS was acquired by NASDAQ, though SMARTS operations remain in Australia and have since continued to grow strongly. 

Andreas is a director of the Capital Markets CRC, its commercialisation vehicle, and its foundation, and is involved as advisor in a number of start-up initiatives.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons), PhD