Remote Managed ICT Services

Convergence has pioneered the development of practical and innovative technological approaches to deployment of affordable and sustainable ICT systems into remote Australia.

The key to our approach is the effective combination of off-the-shelf low cost, free, and retail technology, with an effective, location oriented, and personalised, support system. 

The installation and operation of all technology components is continuously monitored remotely, to service levels otherwise available only in industrial IT environments. User support is not done through an impersonal call centre approach, but instead by a dedicated, knowledgeable team, who are personally familiar with each location.

Our experience spans a range of project and clients but all of them have a common theme of meeting the demands of organisations for a robust, secure distributed computing environments.

Our strategies are founded on:
  • Simplifying remote infrastructure to enhance its reliability and to reduce the need for local support or at least reduce it to that which can be provided remotely. 
  • Solution development customised based on site visits and audits, allowing complete understanding and mapping of the operating environment.
  • Support is provided by the same qualified staff who do site visits, and through a combination of (infrequent) visits, and phone support with remote screen operations capability. This provides for effective and personalised remote support and training capacities.
  • Using remotely accessed ‘virtual desktop’ environments eliminates the risk of data loss, reduces security risk, and reduces the reliance on on-site hardware components.
  • Using robust and identical hardware components allows for ‘stand by equipment’ to be ready for deployment at all times, in such a way that no more than a simple exchange is required on site in case of defects. 
  • Utilising consumer grade Internet services rather than expensive point to point or dedicated networking services, thereby reducing telecommunications costs by as much as 75-80%.
  • Improving service reliability by providing redundant telecommunications paths that can be utilised in the event of primary link failures. Using these in conjunction with sophisticated network management services can extend service delivery options to include voice services to almost any location over the majority of consumer grade Internet services.
  • Locating applications in a high availability and secure data centre, or cost effective cloud environments, using a virtualised platform to improve density of server deployment and provide rapid deployment and re-deployment options with SLA’s for time to recovery of less than 2-4hrs 7x24.
  • Authentication using secure USB tokens that eliminate the need for high overhead, often satellite incompatible VPN technologies.
  • Convergence has developed this approach over more than 10 years of specialist work in this area and over a number of projects across a range of clients.